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Leveraging Proven Technology to Speed Your Path to First-In-Human Studies

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With over 20 years of proven expertise, Catalent Biologics has worked with 600+ mAbs and 80+ proteins, produced 16 biopharmaceutical drugs using GPEx® cell line development technology and manufactured 45+ commercially approved products. Catalent recently introduced GPEx Lightning, a fast, flexible way to shorten the path to production of phase 1 material. During this talk, we share the latest data leveraging GPEx Lightning to generate highly stable, highly productive cell pools and discuss how the GPEx suite of technologies can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual program on its path to clinical trials.


  • Novel, non-viral gene insertion technology for CHO cell line engineering
  • Characteristics of cell line engineering technologies that help develop a wide variety of therapeutic proteins
  • How high pool stability and expression can lead to shorter development timelines.
Featured Speaker:
Gregory Bleck
Vice President, R&D, Biologics
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